The UK dance scene has a rich history of hidden identities and the succeeding guessing game, and given the mystery surrounding the hyped duo ¥///0 $#£[[, it looks like the internet detectives has their work cut out for them. And much like their cheeky name and their radical rejection of the limelight, the music of ¥///0 $#£[[ is bold and fearless. Their exciting mix of techno, garage, post-dubstep bass and hyperpop has received tons of praise, even outside the realm of club music. For example, their single ‘home’ was named as one the best new tracks in 2022 by Pitchfork and their excellent EP ‘Icons’ (2022) was widely celebrated by critics all over the world. This summer, the UK’s most enigmatic duo is coming to Way Out West!

¥///0 $#£[[ will perform in Slottsskogen on Satuday Aug 12.