By combining contemporary hypnotic pop with the sample-packed aesthetic of 1990’s hip-hop, TV Girl has carved out their very own niche. Like in their massive hit ‘Lover’s Rock’ where we find the equally satirical and heartbroken frontman Brad Petering deliver his sad, thoughtful lyrics over a sample of the Shirelle’s 1960 hit ‘The Dance Is Over’ creating a nostalgic, dreamy haze. The San Diego quartet released their debut album ‘French Exit’ in 2014 but the band found their early music once again popularized by TikTok, generating 100’s of millions of streams to songs like ‘Not Allowed’, ‘Cigarettes out the Window’ and the aforementioned ‘Lovers Rock’. In 2021 TV Girl returned with their fifth studio album ‘Summer’s Over’ – a collaboration with up-and-coming artist Jordana who’s also been touring with the band. Here we find TV Girl digging even deeper into the crates while staying true to their unique fusion of cinematic samples, lo-fi beats and dark humor. Don’t miss the inimitable TV Girl at Way Out West next summer!


TV Girl will perform in Slottsskogen on Thursday Aug 10. Buy your tickets HERE!