A totally unique and collage-like world where r’n’b, pop and electronica overlap and melt into one another. Last year’s debut album Devotion is low-key, sensitive and very private, hardly the kind of record that throws itself over the listener and screams for attention. Somehow it makes us listen anyway, in a subtle but refined way that never stretch too far from what could be described as hyper-modern. Tirzah herself has called her music ”wavy soul”, while New York Times in a headline chose: ”The Musician Making Love Songs for London Club Kids”.


In fact, Tirzah is a duo where Tirzah Mastin is the singer and her longtime friend Mica Levy, to some of you familiar as artist Micachu, is the producer. Early on their distinctive sound caught the attention of Joe Goddard from Hot Chip, who released a single and an EP with Tirzah through his label Greco-Roman. Around this time the members started to realize that music could become something more than a hobby. Everyone who’s heard Devotion would surely like to express gratitude.