Thotland is the epitome of swedish club music sound. The rave collective initially started out to create a safe space for non-conforming identities to thot it out in to the best possible club sounds in the eariness of swedish forests, but quickly gained massive local traction as the event of the summer. As a reaction to the lack of representation and initiatives for PoCs in the Swedish raving scene, the duo Håll Käften Och Dansa and NORAH decided to arrange what would soon become the biggest rave initiative for the one’s who has ever felt alien or left outside alone, to the tunes of the hardest hitting non-static sounds in the most euphoric settings. Known for their heavy-named curating aswell as their own leftfield urban genre-bending sounds, expect the unexpected and come and thot it out.

Thotland will be hosting our Stay Out West Thursday at Scandic Göteborg Central.

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