A one-man powerhouse. If you want to experience a unique combination of energy and heart-warming intimacy, a The Tallest Man on Earth show is the place to be. His music never stands still or feels stunned, regardless his choice of instrument. With just a piano, guitar or banjo Kristian Matsson can make anyone in the audience feel like he’s playing just for them. What other quality could you ever ask for in an artist?


The Tallest Man on Earth has taken a largely American folk and Americana tradition and embedded it in a scenic and Dalarna-draped melancholy. You only need to hear a few seconds of his tunes to realize that Matsson was born to do this. The first self-titled EP from 2006 has been followed by five albums (with the latest one being 2019’s I Love You. It’s A Fever Dream.) where he gradually has grown into a freewheeling, captivating and utterly convincing troubadour.


The Tallest Man on Earth is one of Sweden’s most lasting and celebrated music exports, always in demand at concert halls and festivals all around the world. But then there aren’t many artists who can snatch the attention of an audience regardless of conditions and surroundings. Let his fully sold out tour of Sweden last summer speak for itself.


The Tallest Man on Earth will be playing on Thursday August 11th.