When you look back on a specific period or relation in life, it often happens in the shape of incoherent scenes. Some razor-sharp, others more blurry, united by the fact they all made an impression on you, meant something, whether you realized it at the time or not – cause it’s not always you’re aware of life-changing events while you’re right in the middle of them. Only with some distance you can see that these scenes were part of a pattern or at least led to something that brought your life to a new place, and maybe that’s why they’re still there, in the back of your mind. Sometimes you get the feel that this is what Guillaume and Jonathan Alric want to capture and hold onto with their award-winning music videos. Videos – Virile, Territory, Heaven, Queens, and others – that have become minor events themselves and just like the songs are sensitive depictions of youth, love, friendship, affinity, identity, movement. By watching them you can’t help but get affected. And they stay with you long after the music’s over.


Following a string of acclaimed singles and EP’s, The Blaze last year gave us their debut album Dancehall. The album moves between subtle house music and perhaps less subtle EDM pop but makes it all work within The Blaze concept. You don’t have to know that these two cousins from Paris have high demands on themselves, their art and their music, it’s something you can feel. And it’s something that becomes even more obvious with their cinematic live show.