Stella Explorer’s musical landscapes are a blend of ambient pop and dark rhythms that together form a loosely connected landscape with a clear thread. It is a musical range that she has explored over the years, largely while she was a member of the experimental pop band Brödet. Over the years, different fragments of her have emerged, not least from her South African heritage. Her grandfather was a jazz musician who came to Sweden in the 1950s. Many of her influences come from a musical home, which she says has resulted in her searching for melodies in everything.

Using broken and borrowed instruments, she mixes familiar sounds and places them in different worlds. She melds others’ stories with her own, often rooted in the dark forces and abrupt turns of love. Her voice bends from dark depths to sparkling heights, encircling just as easily as it chases down. By allowing all influences to take their place, she creates her own world where fragments of pop, ambient, and house mix freely.


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