She takes on serious subjects with a clever playfulness and irresistible, jangly melodies. Song titles such as Boys Will Be Boys and Old Man may reveal who some of the edge are aimed at. Stella Donnelly, rooted in the same fertile Perth soil that gave us bands such as Tame Impala and Methyl Ethyl, sings with an expressive voice that is impossible to doubt. She doesn’t hold back on anything. As inspirations Stella has named everyone from Solange to Billy Bragg, and in interviews she makes no secret of her wish to change the music industry from within.


Since Stella Donnelly released her first EP two years ago, word about her excellence has spread around the world with increasing speed and it didn’t exactly slow down with her debut album Beware Of The Dogs this spring. There’s a good chance she’ll get her definitive breakthrough in Sweden with the performance at Way Out West.