Uje Brandelius is back with his critically acclaimed show ”Spring Uje Spring” – now as a solo performance. The show had its premiere in 2017 and have been touring across the country, with two stops at Dramaten in Stockholm, since then. The show has now been re-worked to a more intimate version, and will be part of the Way Out West program at Höjden in Slottsskogen. 


In 2015, Uje Brandelius released his solo album Spring Uje Spring, after having played in the band Doktor Kosmos for around twenty years. It was an album with relateable lyrics about life, love, picking up kids from kindergarten – basically an album mirroring his exact life at the moment. When the album was released, Uje started writing on a music performance for a small theatre in Stockholm. It was when writing this, that he noticed that his body didn’t act like it used to. Uje got the  message that he had Parkinsons disease. Writing the show – that was given the same name as the album – became even more important to him, and adressed the life, love, picking up kids from kindergarden – and doing this while processing the fact that he now had a chronic disease.


Spring Uje Spring has been touring around Sweden, with sold out shows throughout the country, and among these; sixteen shows at Stockholms Improvisationsteater, twelve shows at Södra Teatern and two at Dramaten.


Written by/On stage: Uje Brandelius
Director: Per Wernolf & Uje Brandelius