A majestic cathedral of sound. That’s what many people associate with Spiritualized. Or, as band leader Jason Pierce put it to New York Times last year when describing the latest album And Nothing Hurt: “My original line, on the top of the recording list, was that it would sound like something that came from Columbia studios, but broadcast from a satellite.” There’s more to it though. For example, an almost reckless dedication, a deep understanding of music history that goes way beyond rock, affectionate songwriting and, of course, an unmistakable sense of space.

In 1992 Spiritualized, formed as an off-shot from Spacemen 3, released their debut album Lazer Guided Melodies. In a review Melody Maker wrote: “The sound of heaven … at times, Spiritualized are making 21st Century gospel.” Seven more albums have followed, including the 1997 classic Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space where they collaborated with The London Community Gospel Choir and New Orleans voodoo funk maestro Dr. John.

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