Oh, one for the history books. We’re so proud to add Solange to this year’s Way Out West line-up. In March the iconic songwriter, singer, producer, choreographer, activist and multimedia visionary released the album When I Get Home, a futuristic and sonically captivating ode to her hometown Houston. Along came an accompanying film filled with black cowboys, flying horses, dancing figures, afrofuturistic symbolism and scenes from the Third Ward neighborhood where she grew up with mom Celestine, dad Mathew and sister Beyoncé.


From Solange you always get the whole package. The visuals and moves are as important as the music. She’s one of those artists who’s not a follower but a leader. You sure can hear it in her music, a sophisticated kind of soul with a free and uncompromising spirit. She started to find her own style with the seven-track EP and Dev Hynes collaboration True in 2012, showcasing a hypermodern r’n’b that didn’t care that much about convention. Since then the only thing we can expect from Solange is the unexpected and mind-blowing, as everyone who’s heard her last two albums, the instant classics A Seat at the Table and When I Get Home, knows. Or, as New York Times put it: ”With this alchemic mix of multivalent aesthetic expression — grounded in her blackness and, yes, her pop appeal — Solange has finally found her Holy Ghost. And now there’s no use hiding from it.” When you wish upon a star, you may find yourself wishing for someone like Solange.

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