While there’s environmental and climate reasons to worry about the world, you’ll find a certain amount of hope within the current wave of mostly female American indie rock in. One of its major talents is nineteen year old Lindsey Jordan, whose debut album from last year made many a fan and critic swoon. Lush, as it is called, can be described as a collection of elaborated snapshots that captures a specific age and phase in life. In this case the period when the teens turns into something resembling adult life, even though the person in question doesn’t really belong anywhere yet at the same time realize adolescence won’t ever return.


Lindsey Jordan grew up in Baltimore suburb Ellicott City, the last few years most known as the place where whistleblower Edward Snowden used to live. As influences she counts everyone from Cat Power and The Cranberries to Elliott Smith and Paramore, and she once played in a Liz Phair cover band with the endearing name Lizard Phair.