He’s funny and merciless, self-revealing and uninhibited. He takes a swipe at the ultra-rich, the queen and racists. His lyrics portraying the Brexit-era Britain are among the sharpest you’ll find right now. Growing up in Northampton, slowthai was a hyper-energetic kid with a knack for causing trouble. Eventually music, a punky kind of grime, became the valve where he could get an outlet. Those of you who’ve seen his physical, intense and more or less undressed live performances know what we’re talking about.


The name? In the beginning it was Slow Ty, where ”slow” refers to a speech impediment in his youth which caused him to speak slowly and where ”Ty” is short for his real name Tyron (surname: Frampton). As a lyricist he’s got presence and pathos, he’s never predictable or monotonous, always inventive in finding new ways of describing his perspectives and characters. As made obvious on the debut album Nothing Great About Britain as well as this year’s follow up TYRON, slowthai is one of our time’s most intrestering and colorful personalities.


Slowthai will be playing on Saturday August 13th.