Sinjin Hawke started his career in music as a choirboy, was taught trumpet, guitar and drums, and was producing hip-hop by the age of 14: his talent caught the eyes of Just Blaze, Kanye West and Frank Ocean who’ve all been collaborating with the Canadian-American. His singing background has made him a specialist not only in manipulating his own voice but entire choirs as well as his larger-than-life orchestral arrangements. In 2014 he founded Fractal Fantasy along with collaborator Zora Jones – and the duo has been pushing the boundaries for bass-heavy club music ever since.


Zora Jones, a master in high-energy R&B and frenetic footwork, lives her life in 160 BPM. Hailed as one of the more forward-thinking names in contemporary sound design, earning comparisons to and joining with Jlin and Murlo. Along with her longtime collaborator Hawke they are two outliers creating enough momentum to turn the club game on it’s head – their b2b sets are as intense as they are unique. The future of club music is now.

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