”She Raps and Sweden Listens” was the headline of a detailed New York Times profile on her recently. Silvana Imam is one of a kind. She really forces you to listen, take a stand, she’s not an artist who leaves the audience indifferent. She’s a living bombshell right in the middle of a country where ”lagom” is one of the most important words (meaning, sort of, ”not too much and not too little”). She’s not here to please or to compromise, she’s here to question our standards and to rewrite the Swedish history. An assignment that requires the right person, but no need to worry – Silvana has got what it takes. Which becomes quite clear when you see her on stage, where she can agitate, inform and comfort like few others. About the first show on her last tour Aftonbladet wrote that ”her presence is so intense, the beats so explosive and the basslines so effective that you don’t need anything else”.


Silvana Imam is her own creation. With a lot of skills she has built a self-mythologising persona that should not be confused with the real person, but they share the spine, charisma and personality.

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