How would we be affected by a sixth mass extinction?

Species die and ecosystems collapse. The threats to biodiversity are more and greater than ever before. The situation is, to say the least, critical. About 1 million of the earth’s approximately 8 million species are likely to disappear in the coming decades.

But the reports also show that it is not too late, if we act now.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation has for over a hundred years been driving issues that emphasize the importance of preserving biodiversity in nature and the society in which we live.


The discussion is based on the latest report from the UN’s expert panel on biodiversity (IPBES), which is based on 15 000 scientific and public sources. It has now been approved by over 130 countries.

The panel discusses possible solutions, what one as an individual can do but also what is required at a political level – in Sweden and globally.



Moderator: Martin Emtenäs

Martin Emtenäs is one of Sweden’s most popular animals and nature educators. For nine years he was the presenter of the TV show “Mitt i naturen” and has written several books on the subject. Martin has been on the board of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation since 2018.


Parul Sharma

Parul is the new head of Greenpeace Sweden and has been well-known as one of Sweden’s most sustainable voices. She was the former chairman of the Swedish Agenda 2030 delegation, which was tasked with proposing how Sweden should achieve UN’s sustainability goals. This summer she is releasing a book on practical sustainability in the business sector.


Stefan Sundström

Stefan Sundström is a Swedish songwriter, author and rock artist with three Grammy awards. Stefan’s former bestseller “Stefan lilla gröna”, “Stefans stora feta röda” and “Stefans stora blå” have sold over 30,000 copies. His new book, “Stefans lilla svarta – bokashi, biokol & bakterier” is about how we can restore life on earth, produce food and at the same time dampen the climate crisis. Stefan has a strong commitment to environmental issues and is an ambassador for the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s campaign Operation: Save The Bees.


Karin Lexén

Karin Lexén is the Secretary General of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Karin has worked for 30 years with environmental issues and international policy issues. Before she was appointed the Secretary General of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, she worked at World Water Week at the Stockholm International Water Institute, Siwi. She has also worked at the Ministry of the Environment, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, for non-profit organizations and as chairman of the Fairtrade organization.