New York artist Destiny Frasqueri, aka Princess Nokia, defies every boundary and keeps resisting the industrial machine. Or, as she puts it herself in the song ‘Happy Place’: “I dance, I rap, I sing/ I do so many things”. Whether it’s 90’s boom bap, neo-soul, trap or emo rap Princess Nokia has become a symbol of possibility and keeps certifying the power of authenticity. Outsiders are always in demand of a spokesperson and they found one in the rock’n’roll spirit that is Princess Nokia.


In 2017 Princess Nokia shook the world with her debut album, the independently released ‘1992 Deluxe’. Many critics placed it among the best albums of the year and ever since she has continued to evolve. In 2018 she released ‘Metallic Butterfly’ followed by the double album ‘Everything is Beautiful’/Everything Sucks’ (2020) and in 2021 she dropped her latest banger ‘It’s Not My Fault’. In 2022, Princess Nokia will bring her uniqueness to Way Out West.


Princess Nokia will be playing on Friday August 12th.

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