Comedy Club Oslipat will on this show take a grip on the matter of narcotics, using two sharp weapons: comedy and science. Four comedians – Josefin JohanssonPetrina Solange, Ahmed Berhan and Nisse Hallberg, have been given the assignment to write jokes on the theme and to anchor what’s being said, we have also invited a scientist on the subject, to deepen and explain the matter more thoroughly.


Our scientist for the night will be Damon Barret, currently working at Gothenburg University and also co-founder of  Centre on Human Rights and Drug Policy by Essex University in UK.



Moderator: Fritte Fritzson & Marcus Johansson

The discussion will be moderated by Fritte Fritzson and Marcus Johansson, the founders of Oslipat.


Josefin Johansson

Josefin Johansson, named best female comedian in 2018, is one of Sweden’s most loved comedians. She has also won På spåret and is the TV host of the SVT show “Smartare än en femteklassare”.


Nisse Hallberg

Nisse Hallberg is the master of rugged and harsh comedy. A sexier Charles Bukowski for a new generation. He is currently on the road with his solo show “Trött”.


Petrina Solange

Petrina Solange, voted Sweden’s best female comedian in 2017 and 2019. With the thrilling combination of pure charm + a raw sense of humor, she can turn every room she enters to a bomb about to explode. 


Ahmed Berhan

Ahmed Berhan, known from Tankesmedjan i P3 och SEMST, gives us thoughtful and energetic comedy, that will ignite even the half-dead.