When the rising UK rapper Octavian released his breakthrough song Party Here in 2017 it generated a fevered crowd reaction to say the least. Among the enthusiasts was Drake, Virgil Abloh and Pitchfork – just to name a few. Out of nowhere, this 22-year old France-born, south London-raised rapper with the distinctive flow was on everyone’s lips. His beautifully crafted mixtape, SPACEMAN from 2018, made no one disappointed and cemented Octavians position as a truly unique artist setting the template for future rap. It’s eclectic mix showcased an ability to bring together all elements of the fractured UK scene – grime, trap, dancehall, pop, R&B and house – and proved to be the perfect setting for Octavians scorched, versatile rapping and singing. As the artist puts it himself on the song Little: “I got bigger, I used to be little”. With new singles Bet, New Shapes and Stressed everything indicates that we only have seen the beginning of an epic journey. Don’t miss out when Octavian enters the stage at Way Out West this summer!