Nicole Sabouné took Sweden by storm with her widely acclaimed debut album ‘Must Exist’ in 2014. Her gothic, dark wave aesthetics, her confessional lyrics and her powerful yet vulnerable voice proved to be an irresistible combination and Sabouné was rightfully hailed as a truly singular artist on the national scene. The year after she interpreted Harry Martinssons iconic poem ‘Aniara’ on the sprawling ‘Miman’ – once again receiving rave reviews and once again demonstrating her artistic reach.


After taking a four-year hiatus from music to study chemistry Sabouné returned in 2019 with the spectacular EP ‘Come My Love’ and in 2021 the time was right for her third album ‘Attachment Theory’. Together with producer Jenny Wilson she continued her exploration of the darker corners of music as well as the mind – but now with the help of analog equipment and live-takes. We are proud to announce that the resurrected Nicole Sabouné will be coming to Stay Out West this summer!


Friday Aug 12th, Stay Out West.


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