She started out playing punk in Jönköping, where she grew up. There’s still a lot of punk attitude to her music, even though the debut album Dozakh: All Lovers Hell could be described as a fusion of almost all kinds of music. Nadia Tehran raps, sings, speaks, screams, wails and no matter what she does you can’t shake it off.


On the opening track her father talks about how he almost died during his time the Iraq-Iran war, and the feeling of struggle and sorrow maintains until the last track. Explaining the album’s narrative to The Line of Best Fit Nadia Tehran said: “It doesn’t come from an angry place, it comes from a sad place. And I think that’s important in a time where we dehumanize the people that are making the journey, by speaking about the profit or the loss of money that we’re going to make if they come here, instead of speaking about how we are viewing human lives.”

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