The music is so gentle and unobtrusive, why it takes a while to notice it.  The vocals are low-key, almost hushed. To put it this way: It’s hardly volume and tough attitude you think of first when you think of Men I Trust. But since you now and then can’t avoid to think of Men I Trust, they ought to have something else. In this case ”something else” is quite a lot. They’re homemade to the bone, they’ve got integrity and personality, they have a vision and a firm faith in the same vision, and even though they’re not doing this to become famous they’ve gained success by being consistent and having fine-tuned aesthetics (underlined by their superb videos). On its way is their third album Oncle Jazz.


This Montreal trio – Jessy Caron, Dragos Chiriac, Emma Proulx – make music that embodies summer feelings, dreams and moods. In their electronic soft pop and sophisticated soul groove you’ll find no panic but a lot of patience and laid back confidence. Slowly the songs make their mark but, thanks to their beauty and intricate arrangements, sometimes with a touch of jazz, they tend to stay with you for as long as you want summer to last.