Listening to Memphis LK’s music, her influences are clear: there’s UK-inspired rawness in her music that lends to a love of artists like Four Tet and Bicep, a crispness in beat production that draws from the likes of Disclosure. And in the songwriting, she delivers insights with emotional depth and individuality, inspired by artists as varied as Gwen Stefani and Frank Ocean.


A self-taught DJ and beatmaker, Memphis LK’s 2021 EP 1 shows her artistry early on followed by 2023 EP True Love And Its Consequences. A new era for Memphis LK is marked by a new brand of self-sufficiency and strength, as she re-emerges into the spotlight; her already defined artistry bolstered by added creative and personal growth as a songwriter and producer. The sounds listeners can hear on the record represent her creating from a space of complete independence and control; her vision has never been clearer.