Mamdouh313 [LB,SE], formerly known as Mamdouh, has been a significant figure in Gothenburg’s arts and music scenes since immigrating to Sweden in 2017. Known for his DJ-ing and commitment to fostering diversity in the cultural scene, Mamdouh313 has organized events and booked artists from across the EU, while also performing in cities throughout the Nordic region and beyond.



True to his roots, Mamdouh313 blends contemporary electronic dance music with heavy bass, disco, and more, drawing inspiration from West Asia, North Africa, and the Levant. This fusion promises a genre-defying, borderless musical experience. Mamdouh313 has shared the stage with notable artists like Acid Arab, Tootard, and DJ Swisha, and has made impactful appearances at renowned festivals such as Norway’s Oslo World Music Festival and Finland’s Nordic Culture Festival. Currently, Mamdouh313 is on an EU tour in summer 2024.