More laid-back than a sunbed. More welcoming than a big bouquet of roses. More goofy than Goofy. Mac DeMarco is all that, yet so much more. Hyper-talented, for example. Even though he is fond of the anything-goes ethic, and may personify the slacker kind of indie singer-songwriter, his songs are often more thoughtful, sincere and refined than what they first might appear. On stage he is the unpredictable show man, altering between raucous humor, crazy antics, mellow tenderness and genuine talent. For the last couple of years and records he has turned to a more downtempo, even minimal, approach to music – as evident on his latest album ‘Here Comes the Cowboy’ (2019). But at the core of it all remains the lo-if production and the typical spaghetti guitar sound we’ve always loved. It’ll be a thrill to have him at Way Out West, it’s always a blast to have Mac around.


Nowadays he resides in Los Angeles. Mac moved there from Brooklyn, but his passport is Canadian, birthplace: Duncan, a small town in British Columbia. In his late teens he moved to Vancouver and it was there he got into music for real, before heading to Montreal where he signed with the New York-based indie label Captured Tracks. After the mini-album ‘Rock and Roll Night Club’, he released his first full-length album ‘2’ which was named ”Best New Music” by Pitchfork and things took off. Album number two, ‘Salad Days’, became his breakthrough and now he is established as a loose but lovable indie rock troubadour.


Mac DeMarco will play at Way Out West on Thursday Aug 13.