Whether you are looking for meditative bedroom music or something for the club, Kelela has got you covered. With her alluring blend of alternative R&B and progressive, minimalistic electronic music she busted onto the scene in 2013 with the pioneering mixtape ‘CUT 4 ME’.  After signing with the prestigious Warp label, the American singer and songwriter released the conceptual EP ‘Hallucinogen’ in 2015 followed by her groundbreaking debut album ‘Take Me Apart’ in 2017, a record that remains a hallmark to this day. Kelela resurfaced in 2023 with her widely acclaimed new album ‘Raven’ where she pays homage to the black queer artists that first invented house music. It’s an ambient, emotionally charged, and futuristic celebration of the dance floor as a safe haven – as a place to be free. We are honored to welcome the singular talent that is Kelela to Way Out West!


Kelela will perform in Slottsskogen, Saturday Aug 12. Buy your tickets HERE!