In July 2014, Jungle​ released their self-titled debut album. Featuring the singles Platoon, Busy Earnin, Time, The Heat ​and Julia, neo-soul classics all, it was the aspirational sound of young London, a soundtrack of escapism, an unmistakable Jungle sound and a unique, vivid, visual Jungle world. The whole thing was dreamed up by Josh “J” Lloyd-Watson ​and Tom​ “T” McFarland​, a production and multi-instrumentalist duo who never expected to leave their bedroom studios, far less become the core of a talent-filled seven-strong collective that morphed into a killer live outfit. Cue online word-of-mouth and IRL buzz, ravereviews, a Mercury Music Prize nomination, songs of the summer (two summers, even), viral videos, Noel Gallagher declaring the album “fucking amazing”, half a million sales, burgeoning DJ careers, a global tour that lasted two solid years. It all just happened. Last year, the band returned with equally stunning For Ever – get ready to dance when Jungle takes the stage in Slottsskogen.