Jayda G considers herself more a performer than a DJ. The music she plays in her DJ-sets – often a heavy portion of vintage disco, boogie and soul tunes – tend to be uplifting dance music full of vitality and energy. Jayda G doesn’t care much about the rules and gatekeepers within the dance music scene. She’s all about feeling and you’ll see that during her set at Way Out West at the Dungen stage.


Her full name is Jayda Guy. She grew up in British Columbia, Canada, surrounded by beautiful nature. She started to explore club music when she moved to Los Angeles in 2010. Nowadays she calls Berlin her home, and it is there she runs the labels Freakout Cult (together with DJ Fett Burger) and JMG. In 2019 Jayda G dropped her first album, Significant Changes, on Ninja Tune. The album is thematically linked to her Master’s Degree in Resource and Environmental Management, in which she specialized in environmental toxicology and investigates the effects from humans on the killer whales in waters outside of Vancouver.

Don’t miss Jayda G at Red Bull Stage Dungen, Friday August 12th.