The most seductive male falsetto since Prince, or at least since Justin Timberlake, sure is a success story but also someone who on his early records firmly held onto melancholy. On his recent output Assum Form, we get to meet a different side of the thirty year old Englishman. This time he sings about love from a more romantic point of view. And even though we all loved having James Blake as our deputy sadboy, a little harmony in life could probably do him good. It sure hasn’t affected his music in a bad way. The new album may be the most soulful and heartfelt we’ve heard from him. Nothing gets worse by the fact that guests such as Andre 3000,  Travis Scott, Rosalía, Moses Sumney and Metro Boomin bring dynamics and stardust into the mix.


As a regular Way Out West visitor you’ve been able to get a relation to James Blake and follow his development. About his intimate, hyped and, we dare say, classic concert in Annedalskyrkan 2011, daily morning paper GP wrote: ”A formidable show by an artist and musician who still seems genuinely overwhelmed by his own talent that to all the rest of us is quite obvious.” Two years later a more confident live attraction entered the larger Flamingo stage. It resulted in a gig that tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet described like this: ”The base is so hysterically loud that its vibrations could probably be measured on the Richter scale.” It’s our guess James Blake will leave his mark this summer, too.

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