Jada is one of the most promising names on the Danish music scene. Having won no less than 14 (!) prominent prizes since her first single’ Keep Cool’ in 2018, illustrates the impact she has had in her home country. To receive acknowledgement like these for an artist that are pushing the borders is encouraging. Jada, or Emilie Molsted, operates in the borderlines between neo-soul, R&B and pop and is blessed with a voice that is truly deserving of the epithet amazing. Now it is time for the world to discover the vulnerable and honest universe that is Jada.


In 2019, Jada released her critically acclaimed debut album ‘I Cry A Lot’ which includes songs like ‘Lonely’ and ‘Not Alone’. Jada has been on a long journey and in her compelling music we are invited to share her honest thoughts on love, trust, insecurity, loneliness, and doubts. With new singles ‘Dangerous’, ‘Nudes’ and ‘I’m Back’ Jada has started the second chapter of what surely will be a long career. Make sure to catch rising star Jada when she plays Way Out West this august!

JADA will be playing at Stay Out West on Friday Aug 12th!