When girl in red uploaded ‘I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend’ to SoundCloud in 2016 she quickly became an integral part of the ever-growing community of confessional bedroom-pop. But it soon became evident that Norwegian Marie Ulven, aka girl in red, wasn’t just any musician writing and self-producing unfiltered, indie songs. Her unique honesty and directness about depression, queerness and anxiety touched a nerve in millions of people.


After releasing a couple of massively appreciated singles such as ‘say anything’, ‘summer depression’ and ‘girls’, 2021 was the year that girl in red released her long-awaited debut album ‘if I could make it go quiet’. The volume is now turned up but girl in red has kept her ability to describe the hardships of life as a young, queer person struggling with mental health. Or as she sings herself on FINNEAS collaboration ‘Serotonin’: I’m running low on serotonin/ Chemical imbalance got me twisting things/ Stabilize with medicine/ But there’s no depth to these feelings”. Whatever you, do not miss girl in red at Way Out West 2022!


Girl In Red will be playing on Saturday August 13th.


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