Funeral Folk is an exploration of the musical phenomenology of death. Sara Parkman is a violinist, singer, and composer focusing on Swedish folk music. Maria W Horn is a composer and electronic musician who explores the intrinsic spectral properties of music.

Funeral Folk is a musical encounter between heaven and earth, where everything from sacred songs to horn tunes, folk melodies from Ångermanland, drone music, and black metal find their place. The music is performed with a unique instrumentation consisting of synth and violin, bass and hurdy-gurdy, mellotrons and rusty cowbells. For the live performance, Mats Erlandsson joins on guitar, vocals, and zither.

Funeral Folk was originally composed for Funeral by Mattias Lech and Lisen Ellard, a dance performance that explores mourning processes and funeral rites, as well as their function in a deritualized and dying civilization. As part of the work on the performance Funeral, the group met with the Karelian lamenter Pirkko Fihlman to learn about the craft of lamentation – mourning songs. These have traditionally been used to channel collective and personal grief, as well as sung at funerals to guide the deceased on their final journey.