Comparable to none, FKA twigs has created her own world and follows her own vision. FKA twigs new album Magdalene, the first in five years, is her most daring and fulfilling release so far, vulnerable and strong at the same time. With her pure soprano, pulsating sound, intense choreography and physical visuals she produces a kind of drama and sonic landscape you can’t find anywhere else. To hear her sure is powerful enough, but to see her on stage is simply mind-blowing. About the new tour Billboard wrote: ”The show was complete with gravity-defying pole dancing, swords, intricate costumes and oozing theatricality.” In 2015, a thunderous reception rolled in when she played the Linné stage at Way Out West. It’s an honor to have her back in Slottsskogen on a big stage this summer.


She was born as Tahliah Barnett in Cheltenham 1988 and at seventeen moved to London to pursue a career as a dancer (as a dancer she appeared in videos by the likes of Kylie Minogue and Ed Sheeran). Late 2012 she dropped her music debut, EP1, on Bandcamp and in 2013 followed it up with the official release EP2. AllMusic praised it and wrote: ”The way she brings together vast spaces and dense sounds, as well as love and pain, makes it a stunning body of work”. FKA twigs debut album LP1 from 2014 is now considered a modern classic, one of those records who transforms and expands R&B into something we may come to know somewhere in the future.


FKA twigs will play at Way Out West on Friday August 14.