First Aid Kit possesses a rare magic. A raw, almost primal ability to convey the power of music in the most fundamental of ways. People all over the world have been mesmerized by First Aid Kits genius when it comes to weaving dreams of gold using their astonishing harmonies and folksy, contemplative songwriting.  Sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg sing for each other and we are invited to listen. And listen we do. Their voices are distinct alone but unmistakable together. The story says that their father asked them to sing loud enough to be heard through the walls, a task impossible for one voice but possible for two. That synergy didn’t only carry their singing through the walls in Svedmyra but to the entire world.


First Aid Kit has released six albums, the latest being the live concert ‘Who by Fire – Live Tribute to Leonard Cohen’ where Klara and Johanna invited their friends to pay homage to a hero that passed away. Way Out West and First Aid Kit have a long history together and we are very proud to announce that the amazing duo will be performing at our 2022 edition. We can’t think of a more comforting image at this moment.


First Aid Kit will be playing on Thursday August 11th.