DJ Lily is the artist and driving force behind the label BROR Records and its sub label Lilies, coming straight out of Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden. He was recently nominated in the dance music category at the Manifest gala 2019, the biggest award for independent music in Sweden.


“To me, techno is a colourful and free genre. It’s open for any kind of interpretation.” – DJ Lily stated in an interview with Calle Dernulf for Red Bull, confirming his vision of working in a diverse and playful manner. He challenges the techno scene by adding some glamour to both his dj sets and his labels, and taking his steady, prolific pace into account, he is a force from the Swedish west coast to be reckoned with.


His labels Bror and Lilies release a broad spectrum of electronic music by the likes of Jor-El (Joel Alter), Arkajo and Tora Vinter, and have recently featured guest appearances by Johanna Knutsson, Shakarchi & Stranéus and The Mountain Range (Christoffer Berg). “I want to create a sense of dynamism, it’s music for the dance floor and every release should be different than the other.”

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