Leila K was the first Swedish rap star. After competing in a rap contest 1989, Leila K started a collaboration with producer duo Rob’n’Raz and released the million-selling single ‘Got to Get’ followed by the equally popular ‘Rok the Nation’ – both earning her national as well as international fame. Leila K, still underage at the time, did not respond well to the intense touring and fled the country. Her return to the spotlight was triumphant though. Having replaced the hip-hop influences with techno and eurodisco, the Denniz Pop collaborations ‘Open Sesame’ and ‘Ca plane pour moi’ both made the charts all over Europe. Her widely acclaimed debut album ‘Carousel’ was released in 1993 making Leila K the best-selling female artist in Europe. The troubled superstar did one more major release – the album ‘Manic Panic’ from 1996 which includes banger ‘Electric’ – before disappearing into the shadows. Leila K’s career is not a common one and all the turbulence around her unfortunately tends to overshadow her energetic, luminous musical legacy. This summer we’re thrilled to welcome her to Stay Out West for a DJ-set alongside visual maker Limpasen, aka Göran Hugo Olsson, renowned filmmaker (The Black Power Mixtape, Concerning Violence, England 79) and director of the 1998 classic documentary Fuck You, Fuck You Very Much covering Leila K’s first years.