Unarguably one of rock music’s most enigmatic bands ever, Devo has perplexed virtually everyone for 50 years now. With their man-as-machine concept the band used surrealistic, provocative humor to paint a dystopic picture of a future where people, rather than evolving, are devolving: a “de-volution” into increasing stupidity. The Ohio band entered the scene with their iconic Brian Eno-produced debut ‘Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!’ (1978) to enormous critical success. Early champions of the band include David Bowie and Neil Young but literally every act that has been interested in pushing the boundaries of rock music owes something to this truly groundbreaking ensemble. The avant-gardist punk band broke into the mainstream with their best-know hit ‘Whip It’ from the album ‘Freedom Choice’ (1980) while also pioneering the music video format. Devo went on a hiatus in the early 90s but did a triumphant return with the celebrated record ‘Something for Everybody’ in 2010. In 2023, they are out on a farewell tour while also celebrating their 50th anniversary and Way Out West will be ready to pay homage to the futuristic torchbearers in Devo.