The blues runs deep in Daniel Norgren. It flows from his heart, to every part of his body, thru any instrument and out into the world. In his early concerts Daniel proved this whole-body-blues theory by playing guitar, drums, bells, harmonica, horn and singing – all at the the same time! Nowadays he plays just one guitar, or sometimes a piano, at a time but the dirty blues is still strong in him. Even if it has picked up a side order of gospel, country, hymns and good old rock & roll on the way. His latest album Wooh Dang was released back in April and was Norgren’s first worldwide release. The whole thing was recorded in an old house from the 19th century near his home in south-western Sweden together with the band consisting of Anders Grahn (bass), Erik Berntsson (drums) och Andreas Filipsson (guitar and banjo) who will all join Daniel on stage during his summer tour. The performance at Way Out West will be Daniel Norgrens only festival show in Sweden this summer.

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