You gotta love the concept behind the album Jassbusters. It’s the soundtrack to a yet to be made movie about a fictional music teacher and a student. In the same film, Jassbusters is also the name of a band that consists exclusively of music teachers. And these music teachers are the only ones with any knowledge of the character Connan Mockasin… Well, perhaps we shouldn’t reveal all details and twists, especially considering they’re far more complex than the quick summary above goes to show. But still, the idea! Then we haven’t yet mentioned the music, which beyond doubt is for real – even though it could be described as drowsy, muttering, contemplative, DIY-crafted, liberating in shape and at times resembling Dire Straits on downers.


New Zealander Connan Hosford is a true and somewhat dolphin possessed cosmopolitan who’s been around the world and these days is said to be living in Tokyo. Over the years he has collaborated with people like James Blake and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Connan once said that the last album he got enthusiastic about was the Andre 3000 half of the Outkast double Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. We get the impression we pretty much can expect whatever from his live show. We’re so curious it hurts.

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