CIVIL POLIS: A Statistical Phenomenon or a Popular Movement for Strengthened Psychological Defense?

CIVIL POLIS is actually Sweden’s largest band in terms of the number of members, and we grow every day. (There will be an opportunity to join the band on site for a small administration fee.)

Anders Hansen has incorrectly called the music an innovative mix of “glitch-rock and iMac-punk.” A much better description is “post-prog.”

The record label has tried to market CIVIL POLIS as “Sweden’s first real Stockholm band,” and while there may be some truth to that, they lost the ensuing debate.

Otherwise, all we know is that CIVIL POLIS operates in the same tradition as Skandiamannen, at least regarding men’s fashion.

Listen to Bioanalodigitalamedialakemoklick, and everything will fall into place.

Welcome to the CIVIL POLIS mingle at Way Out West where you can meet colleagues, make connections, and burn bridges.