A popstar for our time. Sure, there’s been a lot of talk about how Héloïse Letissier challenges gender norms, and a bit about how the thirty-year old from Nantes cannot be inserted in the expected queer stereotype. Or, as she sings: ”I’m not going to be exactly the queer you want me to be/I believe in the question mark more than the answer”. Even if you’re impressed by her skills when she plays with identities and characters, there’s no denying the sheer efficiency of her dancefloor anthems: a magnetic and melodic kind of funk that generally refer to the eighties and especially to Michael Jackson. Released in both French and English versions.


Back home she got a breakthrough with debut album Chaleur Humain in 2014. With last year’s sexually challenging follow-up, which revolves around a butch named Chris, the rest of the world seemed to be catching up. Many of those new fans had discovered Christine and the Queens when the song Tilted was included in the TV series Better Things. Christine and the Queens’ visit to Sweden last fall was nothing short of triumphant, a perfectly choreographed show that was as much a dance performance as it was a regular concert. A party that no one wanted to leave, a party that most likely will continue in Slottsskogen this summer. Or, to borrow from one of her songs:  ”Touché, touché, touché, touché”.

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