Suddenly. If you ask us, that’s the title of one of this year’s most anticipated albums and the first one in six years from Caribou, the Ontario-born producer and composer whose real name is Dan Snaith. Caribou brings back sweet memories to each Way Out West devotee, from his show at Park Lane in 2010 right up to the triumphant dance party held at the Linné stage in 2015 (the same year he also performed at the festival with his other musical project, Daphni). We’re convinced it’ll be at least as memorable this summer when he’ll play at Stay Out West with a full band.


Dan Snaith is someone who records music pretty much every day. This means he has collected quite an amount of Caribou material since the last time we heard from him. It’s been said he had more than 900 drafts to go through while putting together what became “Suddenly”. To judge from the first three tracks released from the album – Home, You and I, Never Come Back – he has chosen songs carefully, even though no one expected anything else.


Caribou will play at Stay Out West on Thursday August 13.