It’s been a while since we heard from one of the most important indie bands of the 2000s but finally, after almost a decade-long hiatus, Bright Eyes are back. 2020 saw them releasing their critically acclaimed tenth album Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was, and 2022 they’re finally back in Sweden. In August they’ll mix long-time favorites with new exciting stuff at Way Out West.


More than twenty years ago, Bright Eyes was formed in Omaha, Nebraska, by frontman Conor Oberst. Eventually Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott joined as steady members of the band who for a long time was closely associated with the record label Saddle Creek. With a distinctive mix of indie, folk, emo and punk, Bright Eyes gained a large and devoted following of fans through albums such as Fevers and Mirrors (2000), Lifted or The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground (2002), I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning (2005), Digital Ash in a Digital Urn (2005), Cassadaga (2007), The People’s Key (2011) and, the latest one, Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was (2020) and they were influential too. First Aid Kit said about Bright Eyes that “they were the reason we started to make this kind of music in the first place”.


Bright Eyes will be playing on Saturday August 13th.