London’s Black Country, New Road is probably one of the hottest acts you could be listening to right now. Apparently named after a random Wikipedia generator, this seven-person strong outfit has one foot in the monotone proto post rock of Slint, The Fall and creaking Bad Seeds noise, and the other firmly rooted in the music of today. For a long time, the band only had two songs available, and it was during this era they were crowned The best band in the world by The Quietus. A bold, but not untrue statement to give a band with only two songs under their belt.


After releasing their long-awaited and critically acclaimed debut album ‘For the first time’ last February, the band have yet another album lined up for this coming February. Most bands, having been at the centre of a whirlwind of hype and critical acclaim, would be happy to stick to a winning formula for repeat success but creative stagnation is of zero interest to Black Country, New Road. The follow up, Ants From up There, will most likely be something very different yet very much BC,NR. “We all love every single moment of this album.” Says singer Lewis Evans, and given this bands track record – we do believe him.


Don’t miss Black Country, New Road when they take the stage in Slottsskogen on Saturday August 13th.