Ane Brun has showcased a rare type of progression through her almost 20-years as a recording artist. The talent was apparent right from the start – indie-folksy debut ‘Spending Time With Morgan’ from 2003 was received with wide critical acclaim – but since then Brun has transcended far beyond the limits of the traditional singer-songwriter. These days Ane Brun is best described as an emotionally supercharged force of nature, equally confident with grand orchestral arrangements, electronic experiments, or sparse piano arrangements. After losing her father in 2016, Brun also lost her ability to channel her inner turmoil into songs. The dam finally broke in 2019 resulting in not one but two of her most ambitious and deepest reaching albums of her career the following year. On ‘After The Great Storm’ and ‘How Beauty Holds The Hand Of Sorrow’ Brun is completely in control of her craft. We are excited to announce that Ane Brun will be joining us at Way Out West 2022.



Ane Brun will be playing on Saturday August 13th.