All great bands have one similar trait: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In the case with Swedish supergroup Amason, that is not an easy accomplishment. Composed of members from Dungen, Miike Snow, and Little Majorette the sheer amount of experience and talent squeezed into this constellation is remarkable. Yet, a great band is exactly what they are. Despite being fronted by Sweden’s best vocalist Amanda Bergman, the close-knit five-piece always seems to be working in the service of the songs. Like a shimmering, democratic machine Amason creates the most beautiful, psychedelic-infused pop thinkable.


When Amason released their debut album ‘Sky City’ in 2015 it was an immediate success. Fans and critics alike were mesmerized and the record was awarded with a Grammis for best album. Four years later, Amason’s anticipated sophomore album ‘Galaxy I’ came out, where we find the band diving even deeper into the crates of forgotten records and experimenting with even more odd vintage synths. The equally amazing part two, ‘Galaxy II’ (2021), completed the vision and the band once again showcased the rare art of being powerfully gentle. We are proud to welcome the irreplaceable Amason to this year’s Way Out West!


Amason will be playing on Thursday August 11th.