The viewpoint that ideas should be recorded before they float away or suffocates under the curse of overthinking is what unites all lo-fi artists. Philadelphia’s favorite indie-rocker Alex G has practiced that method for over a decade. Drawing from a seemingly inexhaustible well of inspiration, Alex Giannascoli has released his experimental yet accessible mix of odd indie-rock, noise, pitch-shifted vocal and folk.

What started as intimate bedroom music has now grown into something bigger without losing the strong melodic sensibilities and the impulsive-sounding performance style that has become his trademark.


Alex G has since his debut ‘Race’ from 2010 amassed a cult following. In 2012 he released ‘Trick’ which includes fan favorites such as ‘Advice’ and ‘Mary’. But many regards his seventh album, ‘House of Sugar’, his most accomplished and cohesive work yet. In 2022 Alex G released his celebrated soundtrack to the motion picture ‘We’re All Going to the World’s Fair’. In 2017 he played guitar with Frank Ocean on his memorable show at Way Out West and this summer, on Friday Aug 12th, Alex G will be returning to play Stay Out West to give a show under his own name!