She’s about to become quite popular, the Kanye West protégé who stole she show from her mentor. As you might remember, 070 Shake got our attention in 2018 when she made tracks such as Ghost Town and Violent Crimes shine a little extra on the Ye album. Signed by the Kanye-founded label G.O.O.D. Music, she was also featured on three other significant records that year: Daytona by Pusha-T, the Kids See Ghosts album from Kid Cudi and Kanye, and Nasir by Nas. Truth is, she gets by pretty good on her own. Those who saw her recent gig at Debaser Strand know. Those who listen to songs such as Glitter or Honey, heard her on the Beyoncé album The Lion King: The Gift, not to mention this year’s brilliant debut album Modus Vivendi, know too.


Born Danielle Balbuena, she’s a 22-year old from North Bergen in New Jersey (the 070 part of her alias refers to the area code and a hip hop collective). In her youth she enjoyed playing basketball, listening to Alicia Keys or Paramore, and from a distance she could look at the Manhattan skyline. A number of singles and a six-track EP preceded Modus Vivendi. Music site Clash wrote about the album: “By throwing the rule book out the window, Shake finds herself at the top of her game.” We should probably expect something extra from her performance in Slottsskogen this summer.


070 Shake will play Way Out West on Thursday Aug 13. 


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